Experience the city invaded by numerous invedors still standing tall. 


We offer an array of walking tours to ensure that the tourists and visitors get a complete experience of New Delhi and Old Delhi.


Our walking tours are very popular and our escorts are best in the business who have spear headed several walking tours and other excursions.


The tours may be booked for any duration of the day and advance booking is desired.

Please wear comfortable footwears and carry the lightest possible bag to enjoy the tours comfortably.


All our tours can be booked in advance. Please feel free to write to us on walksofvaranasi@gmail.com 


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Walks of Delhi provides a raw and unforgettable walking tour experience in the capital city New Delhi. The walking tour in Delhi is the best way to get connected and feel the life in both Old and New Delhi and also being absorbed in energetic life style of Delhites. 

 Walks of Delhi takes you to the era of Shahjehan, the great Mughal emperor who developed Shahjehanabad which is now known as Old Delhi. The earthy smell, colourful bazaars, scintillating but serpentine lanes, aromatic spice market and flavourful food of Old Delhi during the walk will get you better acquinted with the zest of city. 


Walk of Old Delhi : Rs.1800/-AI per person: It`s  a walking tour which will take you through lanes, markets, temples, Bazaars and historical monuments of Old Delhi. This walking tour is a combination of both walking and rickshaw rides. Feel the beauty of Old City by experiencing this tour. We would also let you interact with local shopkeepers, priests and shop owners to help you understand the local life.

Food Walk: Price per person : Rs.2200/-AI per person : Food has always been an art in India since numerous dynasties. the way Indian food has evolved through thousand years of journey, one could only understand the flavours and culinary styles of each period through experiencing it live, either by seeing or by relishing the delicacies. Join this walk to taste some very sumptuous delicacies both of Old and New world. Eat what the localites throng on every evening, relish what the kings had once and know the fusion in Indian cookery ruling presently. It`s a journey full of taste and knowledge.

Tale of Two Dynasties Walk - The Lodhi and The Mughals : Rs. 1800/-AI per person (excludes the monument entry fees) :  This walking tour begins from Nizamuddin, which will take you to understand and experience the rituals at Dargah. This walk also has lanes and markets which would finally halt at Humanyun`s Tomb. From the Humanyun`s tomb, we will take you to Lodhi Gardens which is one of the most beautiful Garden in the capital city. It`s a walk inside the garden to see numerous tombs and understand the Lodhi Dynasty. 


The Complete Tour of Shahjehanabad : Rs. 2000/-AI per person (excludes the monument entry fees) :  Old Delhi Walking Tour with visit to Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Digambar Jain Mandir, Spice Market, Fatehpuri Mosque, Jain Temple, Bird`s Hospital and Flower Market. It`s a half day tour which provides a holistic experience of the walled city. 

 Rickshaw Ride Old City Tour : Rs. 1800/-AI per person : The scintillating and colourful markets and lanes of Old Delhi have always been a center of interest for visitors in Delhi. Rickshaw Ride is an ecstatic way to enjoy and experience the real Old Delhi "City of Shahjehan". Tour through Kinari Bazar, Dariba kalan, Chandni Chowk, Chawri Bazar, Ballimaran, Khari Baowli and Darya Ganj markets will leave you with an awesome feeling of diversity the city has to offer.