"Walks of Varanasi" has a speciality that it`s tours conducted in Varanasi are being operated by local student group. Our tour escorts are local students pursuing "Management" courses in "Faculty of Management Studies, Banaras Hindu University". When they pass out they transfer their responsibilities to the fresh batch.


The students have a diferent perspective of seeing the city and the tourists who visit Varanasi for an experience. They do not run the operations with profit, rather  patron`s satisfaction, smile and accolade fortifies student`s energies with pride.

Walks of Varanasi is an initiative that aims at showcasing the hidden treasures of the holy city in the form of lanes, alleys, temples, shrines, street food and of course the local people. The initiative was started by a student of Banaras Hindu University and every year it is being run with support of students who get recently inducted in the University. The initiative is liked by its patrons for providing insight of the places which a normal tourists may not visit on his own or even through guided tours. Walks of varanasi focusses on new and offbeat destinations and places.