We are the first one to introduce a "Gastronomic Tours" i.e. food tours in Varanasi. Our Gastronomic Walk has been appreciated by " Lonely Planet" and "India Today Travel Plus."


We will let you eat and relish the sumptuous delicacies of Varanasi till the time you do not say"I am done."


This tour is a great way to see lanes, bazaars, markets, nooks and food joints and simultaneously enjoy the exquisite food.


The price includes all food and beverage cost incurred during the walk.


It`s a 2.5 to 3 hours of tour and we take you to clean shops and eateries. 


The tours may be booked for any duration of the day and advance booking is desired.

Please wear comfortable footwears and carry the lightest possible bag to enjoy the tours comfortably.


All our tours can be booked in advance. Please feel free to write to us on walksofvaranasi@gmail.com 


call us on +91-8860515511 & +91-8376819587.


Gastronomic Tour ( Rs.2000/-AI per person) : This tour takes you through colourful and scintillating markets of Varanasi along with serpentine lanes. The walk takes you to popular eateries in lanes, markets and nooks. You begin with masala chai at Kashi Café, in readiness for a boat ride, after which you get a famous taste of the south – bondas, dahi vadas and uttapam as only the dosawallah in Vishwanath gali can make them. The walk then reaches Godowlia, with its many thandai shops, and if you are adventurous you could get this with a dash of the heady stuff. Then you can gorge on chaat, world famous in India! There are many chaat shops, such as Keshari Chaat and Dina Chaat, that have handed down their recipes down generations like gold treasures. Then there’s Sunil Jalpaan, where you can enjoy chhena vada, launglata and lassi. Pehelwaan Lassi near Banaras Hindu University serves the city’s thickest lassi, lced with creamy rabri! And you had better had many compartments in your stomach because there’s more: Chachi Jalebi is renowned, for more than 80 years, for their kachoris and jalebis. And if it’s Banaras, you have to end with the paan – the Banarasi paan leaf has its own fan following! Unique and delicious – and healthy, because after all, you are walking, the gastronomic walk is the best way to get a taste of this extraordinary city!