Recommended by "The Times of India" December 2014.


One of the best activity to do in the city of Benares, Cycling tour wil provide you an exhillariting experience of riding your personal bi-cycles in the lanes, throgh the markets, across the ghats and stop at major places of interest. 


This is a complete entertainment that you will experience and yes...why to go for boat rides only in the morning. Get to the core of the morning life the city goes through. 


The tours may be booked for any duration of the day and advance booking is desired.

Please wear comfortable footwears and carry the lightest possible bag to enjoy the tours comfortably.


All our tours can be booked in advance. Please feel free to write to us on 


call us on +91-8860515511 & +91-8376819587.

By-Cycle Tours (Rs. 2000/-per person, inclusive of By-Cycles on hire, escort charges, food and beverage cost incurred) -

Now Varanasi mornings are not limited to boat rides only. Walks of Varanasi`s Bi-Cycle Tour is a new and fresh approach of excursion in the holy city. This tour takes you to almost every corner of the city within a time, thus ensuring an experience which is ecstatic and memorable one. This tour is all about seeing the city in it`s raw form early morning, watching local people and priests offering prayer to their deities and gods on the ghats, insight of  temples, breakfast culture, sumptuous delicacies and of course riding your way on the Bi-Cycle to kick start a fresh day in the city. It`s also a great way to have a fun filled ride in the serpentine yet colourful lanes of Benares. This tour is spearheaded by our escorts who are students of Banaras Hindu University and they let you experience the city local way.