The tours may be booked for any duration of the day and advance booking is desired.

Please wear comfortable footwears and carry the lightest possible bag to enjoy the tours comfortably.


All our tours can be booked in advance. Please feel free to write to us on 


call us on +91-8860515511 & +91-8376819587.

Walks Of Varanasi offers an array of walking tours and promises that you will enjoy and relish Varanasi the best possible way. 

Our walking tours have been ratet best by various reviews, travel magazines and even case studies have been published.


Walking Tours:

  • Evening Walk with Aarti - Rs. 1800/-AI per person
  • Morning Boat Ride with Temples Tour - Rs. 1800/- AI per person
  • Walk of Heritage Lanes - Rs.1400/-AI per person
  • Bi-Cycle Tour - Rs.2200/-AI per person
  • Ayurvedic Massage Walking Tour - Rs.2200/- AI per person
  • Classical Music Walking Tour - Rs.2200/- AI per person
  • Gastronomic (Food) Tour - Rs.2200/-AI per person